Money for Honey

A Beehive project for Kamuli District Uganda supported by RC Lancaster

In Uganda HIV/AIDS has left many children orphaned. Often the “family” is cared for only by the older children. With no adult to care for them they lack money to pay for education or food. The Honey makes Money scheme provides these Children with Bee Hives and teaches them how to make Honey. Each unit of 10 hives is sufficient to support 10 –12 chidren and enable them to raise money for both food and education. The scheme is promoted by an experienced Ugandan entomologist from Kamuli, Uganda and run wholly by Ugandans to provide a self sustaining and dignified means of supporting these orphans.

Dr Tim Jenkinson and his wife Gillian, who have a long association with Kamuli through work with Rotary Doctorbank GB&I, have direct contact with the promoter, Kabbale Fredrick MSc, and have been able to monitor the scheme on their visits. They also have the support of the Uganda Development Services, a UK charity, which works in the same area. UDS have carried out a progress report July 2013. Inspite of some difficulties with termite attack and other human theft they recommend continued support of this scheme which is helping disadvantaged children. They viewed units of 10 hives that have already been installed at Namukunyu Trading Centre and Nakabira primary school and met adult guardians who work alongside the orphaned childrent o learn apiculture.

We are asking Rotary clubs, schools, charity groups and individuals to sponsor or part-sponsor a beehive in the sub-counties of Bugaya and Buyende in Kamuli District, Uganda at a cost of £500 per unit of 10 hives. This includes equipment, education, transport, marketing and general support.

We are grateful to the Rotary Clubs and individuals who have donated to the project so far. We hope for continued support, and would ask that Rotary Clubs may include the project in their next years’ programme.

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